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EDINBURGH (October 31, 2022): Two years after the passing of Sir Sean Connery, the Connery Family is proud to announce the establishment of The Sean Connery Foundation. Created by his estate, the foundation seeks to honour Sir Sean’s legacy through strategic grantmaking to institutions and organisations in Scotland and The Bahamas, the two countries he called home. Within these locations, the goal of the foundation is to accelerate positive change in areas of interest and importance to Sir Sean and his family, with an emphasis on education and ocean conservation. 


Stephane Connery, Sean’s son and Chairman of the foundation, remarks, “After two years of reflection, research and discernment, we have chosen to focus on the communities that Sean loved and on issues that reflect his beliefs, passions, and legacy. Above all, Sean believed that education was a force-multiplier and was most concerned that children from disadvantaged backgrounds, like his own, be given opportunities to succeed. Thanks to Sean’s gift, we dearly hope that our family’s grantmaking will help young Scots and Bahamians, along with our oceans, to thrive.”


Sean’s son, Jason Connery, added, “We are so pleased to announce the organisations receiving grants from the foundation in honour of my father's legacy. Each group is doing such important work with integrity, excellence and commitment. These are the values my dad passed on to us, his family, and through the foundation, we hope to spread values that inspire many for the years to come. We look forward to championing each organisation as they work to enrich young people's lives and protect our planet."


The family has selected Holly Gordon, formerly Chief Impact Officer at Participant, as the Founding Executive Director of the foundation.


“Holly is a strategic and effective leader who brings her passion for community-driven social impact and a wealth of cross-sectoral and international experience to the role. We are grateful to have Holly guiding our family’s efforts,” said Stephane Connery.


The foundation is on track to commit £6 million in grants by the end of 2022, including to the following organisations:



The Connery Foundation is partnering with the St Andrews’ Scottish Oceans Institute to bring together postgraduate and undergraduate students from Scotland and the Bahamas. The students will conduct collaborative ocean research projects on-site with The Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organization.


"Having received an honorary doctorate from St Andrews University, an institution Sean held in high regard, this gift is intended to support a centuries old tradition of academic excellence and a relationship that was dear to my father. St Andrews is a vital contributor to research on ocean protection, an area of focus for the Sean Connery Foundation, and we are hopeful that this grant will help to accelerate this progress while establishing new bridges of collaboration between Bahamian and Scottish scientists, researchers, and students," explained Stephane Connery.


“We are very excited to receive funding from the Connery Foundation for marine science in the Bahamas. In our project, we will teach students from the UK and the Bahamas in an environment that allows for mutual cultural exchange and appreciation while addressing critical questions for marine conservation,” said Dr Julie Oswald, Sr Lecturer, Scottish Oceans Institute, University of St Andrews.


“Engaging with marine conservation in countries that hold our most precious marine resources is paramount if we want to maintain them. The Connery Foundation support will enable us to bring students from different countries together to conduct research to that end. We are very grateful for their support,” said Professor Vincent Janik, Director of the Scottish Oceans Institute, University of St Andrews.



The Sean Connery Foundation grant increases operational capacity, allowing SYFF to expand screen education efforts in three areas of focus: film education in schools, film outreach projects that reach students in need and the execution of their annual youth film festival. 


“My dad’s career in the film industry happened by accident and changed the trajectory of his life. Discovering the crafts and trades of film-making, beyond acting and directing, should not be reserved only for the rich, well-connected or lucky ones. And, making and discerning screen-based storytelling is nothing short of a vital 21st-century skill. It builds creativity, agency and voice, project management skills and empathy, to name just a few. Supporting SYFF, and screen education more generally, as a focus of our foundation is an exciting and natural expression of my father’s legacy that we hope will help to prepare the young Scottish people for the future that lies ahead,” said Jason Connery. 


“We couldn't be more delighted to be among the first grantees of the Sean Connery Foundation. Sean Connery personifies Scotland’s film industry and his lifelong championing of literacy is one that SYFF shares. We teach young people to express themselves through films and to understand them. This grant will allow us to expand our reach and our ability to help young Scots realise or raise their ambitions using modern project-based learning. The skills acquired are transferable and can be life-changing for many of the young people we encounter,” said Scottish Youth Film Foundation co-founders David Barras and Scott Mackay.



The Sean Connery Foundation grant provides resources for eight additional grantees, supporting the Scottish International Education Trust in its mission to give financial help to Scottish men and women who show exceptional ability and promise in their academic field and find themselves at a critical moment of need on their educational journey.
“In 1972, my father founded the Scottish International Education Trust with his entire $1,000,000 paycheck from "Diamonds Are Forever," a bold philanthropic act that he was very proud of. Fifty years on, SIET’s mission to help talented Scots in moments of need pursue their educational goals continues to inspire our whole family in its vision and focus,” said Stephane Connery.
“Sean Connery had a passionate belief in the importance of education. Having had a scant education himself, he was well aware of the value of learning and the empowerment it brings and the contribution Scots can make on the international stage because of it. The Trust exists to give financial help to Scottish men and women who show exceptional ability and promise. When they need to further their studies or professional training anywhere in the world, a grant from the Trust can make a huge difference and open a door to the future for uniquely talented individuals whose success stories could now fill volumes. Fifty years on, the Trust has given well over 1000 grants amounting to over £2 million. SIET is delighted to have a relationship with the Sean Connery Foundation where, working together, we can secure Sir Sean’s legacy into the future,” said Ginnie Atkinson, Chair of the Scottish International Education Trust.


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In partnership with the City of Edinburgh Council, the Sean Connery Dyslexia Initiative will help schools provide additional dyslexia and literacy support for children, both at the school and at home. The programme is focused on both learners and educators. Every learner involved will benefit from three sessions per week of personalised or group support from specially trained educators. In addition, the educators will learn how best to respond to the needs of learners with dyslexia and those with other literacy difficulties. 


“For my father, who came from an extremely modest background, learning to read opened the door to a world of endless possibilities. With literacy, hard work, and dedication he was able to forge an extraordinary career. When his beloved granddaughters were identified as dyslexic, Sean became acutely aware that someone can be both highly intelligent and yet struggle to decode language. Just as learning to read opened the doors of opportunity for my father, we hope this programme will help to open the doors of opportunity for children challenged by dyslexia and, in success, be expanded across Scotland with government support,” said Stephane Connery.

“I am delighted and extremely grateful to the Sean Connery Foundation for their support with these two exceptionally generous grants. Both the Tutor Bursary Fund, which will enable our specialist dyslexia tutors to provide 2,500 hours of tutoring to children and young people most in need across Scotland, and the ground-breaking Dyslexia initiative in partnership with the City of Edinburgh Council will make a significant difference to children and young people with dyslexia in Scotland,” said Cathy Magee, the Chief Executive of Dyslexia Scotland.


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The Lyford Cay Foundations FOCUS programme is an out-of-school enrichment programme aimed at college readiness and providing students with demonstrated potential and need an access to education. The grant supports the mission of the organisation and expands FOCUS’ reach into additional Bahamian communities. 


“Our family has a long-standing relationship with Lyford Cay Foundations and is thrilled to be working with them in this new capacity. This programme yields outstanding results for participating students and the wider community alike,” said Saskia Connery, Sean Connery’s granddaughter.


“The Lyford Cay Foundations’ mission is to empower people to fulfil their potential by investing in learning opportunities for those who will benefit the most from it. We help scholars achieve their dreams for a college education and assist many in overcoming barriers to higher education with the academic support provided by our FOCUS programme. We are humbled that the Sean Connery Foundation, which honours the legacy of Sir Sean, believed in the Foundations’ work and we are delighted to receive this grant to support our FOCUS programme. Thank you,” said Nicola Virgill-Rolle, Lyford Cay Foundations.


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BREEF runs the Bahamian chapter of the Eco-Schools Program, which addresses the lack of ocean literacy. The grant will support BREEF’s mission to expand access to ocean education. 


"We have been aware of BREEF’s work to educate children and in turn their communities about the importance of environmental stewardship and marine conservation for many years. The Eco-Schools Program is the largest sustainable schools programme in the world with over 59,000 registered schools in 72 countries across Europe, Africa, the Middle-East, Asia, USA, Mexico and Brazil. We admire BREEF’s goal to provide eco-schools training to teachers in every single school across the Bahamas and are pleased to support them in this effort,” said Stephane Connery.


“BREEF's Eco-Schools Bahamas Program is a part of the largest global sustainable student-led school programme in the world. Currently, the Bahamas network consists of 40 schools spread over six islands with a student population totalling more than 15,812 children. With the support of the Connery Foundation, BREEF will bring educators from around the Bahamian archipelago together for an in-person Eco-Schools Coordinators workshop that will include an in-water ocean conservation training experience. This will help inspire students toward excellence in environmental stewardship and ocean literacy, and expand the Eco-Schools programme to more schools,” said BREEF Executive Director Casuarina McKinney-Lambert.



The Sean Connery Foundation grant supports the Bahamas Environmental Steward Scholars (BESS) Programme, a partnership between The Island School and BREEF, that invests in the next generation of Bahamian leaders who will play an important role in the social, environmental and economic stability of the Bahamas. 


“Supporting existing, effective, local partnerships is important to our family and the BESS programme is an outstanding example of what’s possible when organisations come together with a shared goal. BREEF and the Cape Eleuthera Island School, with support from the Ministry of Education, are training the next generation of environmental leaders and we are delighted to support them with scholarship funding from the Sean Connery Foundation,” said Stephane Connery.


"The future leaders of the Bahamas will need a deep connection to the ocean to understand the many environmental challenges that the world is facing today. The Connery Foundation's investment in the BESS Programme, a long-time partnership between The Island School and BREEF, ensures that deserving young Bahamians will build confidence to know that they can make a difference for their country and an appreciation for the magic of their unique archipelago,” said Chris Maxey, the Founder of The Island School.


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Girl Rising is focused on girls’ education and empowerment and works for a world where all girls can learn, thrive and rise to their capacities. The Sean Connery Foundation grant supports the organisation's Future Rising Fellows programme, which demonstrates the power of girls’ education by supporting young female leaders across sectors who are tackling climate change in their communities, including in the Bahamas. 
“With the generous grant from the Sean Connery Foundation, Girl Rising will expand the Future Rising program, which supports young leaders from around the world, including the Bahamas, who are at the forefront of innovative solutions to environmental justice, gender equity and creates a fairer, more sustainable future for all. We are deeply grateful for the Sean Connery Foundation's partnership and commitment to addressing some of the world's most pressing issues,” said Christina Lowery, CEO of Girl Rising.
“As a man who surrounded himself with many strong and fiercely intelligent women throughout his life, including his wife of more than 50-years and his granddaughters, we, Sean's family, know he would have been proud to support education for girls and young women around the world through Girl Rising. Adding to this, Girl Rising's new Future Rising initiative, with its focus on addressing climate change, reflects the Sean Connery Foundation's core commitment to investing in both education and environmental awareness” said Saskia Connery.


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The Sean Connery Foundation grant supports the ‘Let’s Swim–Bahamas’ programme that works with public schools to provide water safety lessons and ocean literacy workshops across the country. More than 5000 Bahamian students have participated in the programme to date.


“Swift Swimming has an incredible and fun-loving team who work tirelessly to make aquatic life possible for students across the country. We are very excited to support the ‘Let’s Swim–Bahamas’ programme scale to more schools in 2023 so that more children can experience the joy of aquatic life,” said Jason Connery. 


“‘Let's Swim-Bahamas’ is excited to once again be giving free swim lessons to 10 Government Primary Schools in New Providence after the two-year COVID break! The Sean Connery Foundation donation was such an encouragement to us as we continue to work on rebuilding our financial base to support the program,” said Nancy Knowles from SWIFT Swimming.  


The Race Against Dementia: Founded by Sean Connery’s friend and three times F1 World Champion, Sir Jackie Stewart OBE and based in the UK, Race Against Dementia is striving to catalyse faster progress and even fresher and bigger thinking to deliver life-changing advancement of preventative treatments and cures for dementia. The $1 million commitment has provided an annual gift of $100,000 for 10 years to support the work carried out by the RAD Dementia Treatment Discovery Hub and elsewhere in Scotland.

Lend a Hand Bahamas: Lend A Hand Bahamas (LAHB) was officially formed in 2014 to address the growing need for more community development “Over-the-Hill" in Nassau, Bahamas. LAHB opened their first community centre in 2018 in Grant’s Town. The Connery family’s generous contribution will go toward a recording studio in Lend a Hand Bahamas’ soon-to-come second community centre. It will serve as a place for members of the Over-the-Hill and Downtown neighbourhoods to record music, make broadcasts, play and record instruments, tape the spoken word and much more.

For the time being the Foundation is not accepting unsolicited grant requests.


Media Contacts:

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